Experienced in transforming any commercial area to a customized space that will suit your business needs, from Office Space to Spas to Laboratories. Not limited to the business sector, Protek Construction Inc. also specializes in Residential Buildings from better improvising existing space for creating additional tenant units, to renovating and yearly maintenance of existing units ready for new occupancy. Commercial construction and renovation requires different skills and specialized knowledge of the commercial section of the Ontario Building Code. Protek Construction has the right knowledge to adhere to the strict standards of commercial construction.

• Flooring, Carpeting & Tiling.
• Doors and Trim Installations.
• Residential and Commercial Plumbing
• Sprinklers
• Electrical
• Painting

• Metal Stud
• Framing
• T-bar Ceiling
• Drywall
• Taping
• Demolition

Our Past Projects

Newly Build 4 Residential Units: Unit - I
Newly Build 4 Residential Units: Unit - II
Newly Build 4 Residential Units: Unit - III
Newly Build 4 Residential Units: Unit - IV
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