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Protek Construction Inc. has a strong reputation for proving transparency and quality results in a timely manner. Our reputation is built on years of experience, personalized customer service, reasonable pricing, and superior quality. Our clients are guided from start to finish so they can feel reassured that their project is being completed with care and expertise.

Initial Consultation

Protek Construction Inc will schedule a site visit with you following your request and initial contact. This site visit helps us to begin the next steps of the process by meeting with you and evaluating the project site in person. The initial consultation will take place at the proposed job site where you will discuss your wish list, objectives and desired budget. The main purpose will be to spend time getting to know one another, and to get as much information needed to present a liable quote for the scope of work proposed

Construction Design

An architect’s help is essential to the planning process and in determining a liable budget for your project. Protek Construction Inc has established relationships with architects and designers that can help plan your commercial or residential projects.

Job Description & Cost Estimate

A complete outline of the scope of work, project schedules and timelines as well as detailed break down of labour & material costs will be provided following the initial meeting & once architectural drawings are complete. The proposal is sent over e-mail to the customer for review


Once you have reviewed our proposal; outlining the estimated budget and plan for your project as well as our contract, you are welcomed to either accept or decline or discuss further whatever concerns or changes you would like to address.

Sign Contract & Provide Deposit

If you’ve decided to move forward with Protek Construction, a secondary meeting will be arranged to review the proposal and contract in person and fine tune any details necessary. After the completion of formal documentation and initial deposit cheque must be obtained

Permit Application

We will work with the architect & engineer to initiate any permit application process on your behalf to begin your project. Guiding you through the municipal planning process and adhering to municipal guidelines.

Getting Started: Begin Construction

Once the planning process is complete, the construction for your residential project can begin. Prior to any construction starting, the crew will protect and secure all areas as required. A garbage bin will be delivered, and demolition will commence. Throughout the project there will be ongoing contact to keep you informed on the progress of the construction, schedules and timelines.

During Construction

During the construction phase, you can expect the site will be cleaned daily and ongoing customer meetings will be held with the general contractor to keep you informed and up to date. After each phase of the project is complete, as per the payment schedule, you can review the progress and payment will have to be obtained. For your convenience, Protek Construction Inc. will email you an invoice for each payment in advance.

Project Completion

Upon project completion, space renovated and areas affected will be cleaned to the usable state. Protek Construction Inc. may invite photographers to take video and/or photographs of the finished project.

Final Inspection Form

Once the project is complete a final walkthrough will be schedule with you and the general contractor. You will be provided a checklist of categories that you can go through as you inspect the finished space. Once the final inspection form is complete and signed the 1year warranty will commence and final payment is due.